Embroidery Tools and Supplies

The tools required for taking up embroidery as a hobby are not too many. All that you really need is fabric, threads of various colors, a pattern that you would like to copy and a needle. However, if you want to copy and trace the pattern on to the cloth you will need some butter paper or translucent paper and some cotton and ink to transfer the pattern on the fabric.

Other tools that you can use include pattern books, frame and scissors. If you want to be organized with your hobby, it is a good idea to purchase a kit that helps you organize the various needles, the yarn, fabric and other essentials. If you are interested in taking this up as a serious hobby you should ensure that you keep your supplies safely since you never know what comes in handy at what times. Sequins, beads, metal pieces, buttons, Velcro, pearls, mirrors and other such items can be extremely great to work with among with the embroidery.

Other embroidery essentials

With fabric, thread and a needle and a pattern on your fabric, you are actually ready to start working on the embroidery that you want to do. However, there are a lot of other tools that you can use and keeping them in your embroidery kit at all times will help you be more organized so that you do not have to stop in the middle of a nice afternoon with the embroidery on your lap because you do n...


Embroidery fabrics

Actually you can embroider on any kind of fabric if you are adept at the art. And indeed many people do use embroidery on all kinds of cloth in order to embellish it. The choice of fabric actually depends on what you are trying to make and sometimes the stitches that you are planning to use. For example, if you are planning to use cross stitch you will need a fabric that allows you to create eve...


Embroidery threads

The variety of embroidery threads that you can see in the market will take you by storm. There are threads and yarns made of different colors, fibers, types and weights too. You need to base your choice of thread on the fabric that you are doing embroidery on. The thread count of the fabric and the specific type of embroidery that you are attempting should be taken into account too. Embroidery f...


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