How should one decide the specific stitch to use in a pattern?

The first step to deciding the kind of stitch that you should use for specific projects is to learn as many stitches as you can. Only when you know the specific stitches that are available and you have them tidily tucked away in your coterie of stitches that you can perform can you decide the ones that go well and can be used in different patterns.

Once you know the look and feel of each of the stitches that there are you will realize that there are some that help in outlining and then there are others that are great to be used for filling up space with color. So while the back stitch, the double running stitch and the stem stitch can make for great outliners, the satin stitch, the tent stitch and the French knot can work really well when you want to cover an area with color.

There are specific kinds of stitches that you can also use to define cut work. These include the button-hole stitch and the blanket stitch. And then there are some that are used to make specific objects in a pattern like the lazy daisy stitch for flowers.

The stitches for pulled thread work are completely different and require a different kind of understanding of embroidery completely. If you have learnt the pulled work stiches you will have a good idea about how they look like. Each of these stiches can be used to create patterns in the fabric by pulling the weaves towards different sides.



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