Are there any classifications of embroidery stitches?

Embroidery stitches can be divided into various categories. While some base this categorization on the basis of the origins of the stitch there are other ways of grouping the stitches that indicate the kind of stitch that it is.

The surface embroidery stitches include the chain stitch, lazy daisy stitch, whipped chain stitch, stem stitch, split stitch, satin stitch and fly stitch. While the lazy daisy stitch is used often for simple embroidered flowers in most cases, you can actually innovate and make layers of it to create natural looking patterns. Stem stitch is one of the main stitches that are used to outline a design. The split stitch is ideal for embroidering names on your own creations or on towels, hand towels and kerchiefs.

The cross stitch forms another category of stitches. There is the basic cross stitch, the fractional cross stitches, the long armed cross stitch and the reversible cross stitch too. The knotted stitches are probably the most interesting. Among these you have the bullion stitch (or the bullion knot) and the French knot.

Straight stitches are used for outlining and defining specific patterns in an embroidery project. They are great for giving some definition to the areas that you want to highlight. The double running stitch, the satin stitch kloster blocks and pattern darning include straight stitches. Some of the pulled work stitches that you can use are cable stitch, singe faggot stitch, diamond eyelets, pulled sating stitch, three sided stitch and honeycomb stitch. Needlepoint stitches include the Rhodes stitch, tent stitch and velvet stitch. There are also some other kinds of categories like the looped stitch and needle-lace stitches.



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